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Video Mantis
February 3, 2019

Eric Leek Shows off the BFLEX from Hide-a-Mic

Video Mantis
January 11, 2019

VAULT TALK for Deity Connect Wireless System

Video Mantis
November 1, 2018

ShoulderX Rig from SuitX for Boom Operators

Video Mantis
October 28, 2018

DEITY Microphones Real Microphone Tests


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What People Are Saying

Video Mantis is the ultimate interactive digital community for production sound. You have a one stop showcase of people, equipment, and resources that are completely accessible. Video Mantis has a worldwide reach that covers live discussion, techniques, mentoring, courses and equipment for motion picture sound.

Agamemnon Andrianos

Production Sound Mixer
Video Mantis allows me to showcase products directly to new users who get excited about things like tech specs. Plus the community section tied to each piece of gear really helps us with customer support.

Andrew Jones

Diety Microphones
"Thomas helped me from start to finish set up my Zaxcom Nomad 10 with new microphones and everything so that my deliverables were a step up in professional quality and organization. The amount of energy and passion he has for teaching people to do the same is immense. He elevated my knowledge of audio to a level that I didn’t know I was capable of, and the taught me some of the tools that go along with it. "

Aldon Baker

Production Sound Mixer, Educator
Aldon Baker
VM platform assists in bridging the gap between product users and manufacturers. It’s a great place for new methods and products to be shared with the audio community.

Fernando Muga

"Video Mantis is about teaching the right techniques as well as how to negotiate fair rates for professional sound mixers. I feel that the quality of work is rising as well as rates. Video Mantis is helping the cause more than we know."

Max Osadchenko

Production Sound Mixer, Educator
Everything I need is here in one place, accessible on my cellphone, how great is that? Whether I need access to my inventory or a product demo, I need only to reach into my pocket and everything is there. 

Carrie Sheldon

Production Sound, Educator
Video mantis provides a multitude of resources to not just the sound community but the production community as a whole. It’s demos, quick tips and tricks, gear specs, manuals and other features has it quickly becoming a must have tool for any onset professional.

Evan Freeman

Production Sound Mixer
Evan Freeman Bunny Ears