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"My goal is to spread the knowledge my mentors and I have learned in the many years as professionals. We are sharing quality education that will help turn you into a true filmmaker that appreciates all aspects of the process."

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More than just an Online School

How does Video Mantis Change the Way You Learn?


We are creating classes that can change your perspective of your profession AND the industry. Like a mantis, calm, cool, collected, and effective, we want positive and engaging crews! A happy crew equates to a happy life!

Knowledge for the Fledgling and the Professional

Technology has changed and now anyone and everyone can make entertainment! With Video Mantis, you can learn how the professionals think and spread this knowledge into your own productions wherever you are based. Professionals know that we NEVER stop learning.

Quality Videos

We are not interested in being the first person to teach the newest item. We immerse ourselves in a product before we film with it to make sure you understand the content fully. Our mentors have YEARS of experience we have compiled to share with you.

Video Mantis Cloud

With the Video Mantis Cloud, your account is safe wherever you go. Watch your content anywhere with speed and confidence.

Effective Lessons

All lessons have been designed by experienced instructors. With interactive teaching techniques and easy to follow language, you can achieve excellence that you’ll be able to take with you on set!

Engaging Media

Many courses have supplemental media that help you engage in the source material even further. Go as deep as you like!

Learning Objectives

With Video Mantis, we are confident that you will have a better presence on set. Have the confidence to shine and be a better filmmaker and professional.


Video Mantis breaks down the basics in a way that makes you think in AND outside the box. There is nothing more important ensuring your educational foundation is correct and scalable.


Our mentors have been cemented in our industry for years. Their expertise is unrivaled. They can help you understand more about their own departments AND about departments which you share the set with. Interaction with every department on set IS a daily occurrence. Get to know how to work as a team.


Panel Discussions and Workshops are scheduled throughout the year locally. Come join in on the fun, or watch later on Video Mantis!

Created for Production Sound Teams

In our industry, the work is so fast paced; there is no room for errors. There is simply very little time to ``teach on set.” We are highly aware that scaffolding is an effective way for ANYONE to learn. Our courses act as a primer for ENG professionals and on union crews. Our courses will help get you up to speed faster than without them. If your new crew additions take our courses before diving in, they will be more aware, quicker to respond, and will have a better understanding of the flow of a set.