A Different Perspective...

Somethings are just taught better in person. Good thing Video Mantis loves to travel. Our mentors are ready to jump on the road and come to you. We are here to help teach the world about Sound and why it is so important!

Mentorship Extended

VideoMantis.com memberships discounts are given out to users at our events to ensure people continue having a place they can go to trust with their education.

About the Author

Thomas Popp has a degree in Recording Arts and Sciences and has worked on countless Television Shows, Movies, Commercials, and Music Videos. He has educated many students about the theories and techniques of Production Sound, which has also included traveling to China to teach a Master Class on Digital Wireless Technology.

He recently founded Video Mantis Productions and the Video Mantis app, which is a tool to help spread awareness about what good sound actually is, while also helping to make tasks in the sound professional’s every day lives more efficient.

Visit ThomasPopp.com for more information…