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The Vault is all about gear. It houses instructional videos for gear you use every day in your sound cart or ENG bag based on facts taken directly from the manufacturer’s manual, it contains links to learn about or purchase related equipment such as cables or comparable gear so that you can get up and running, and it contains links to the newest firmware updates (when applicable)! Couple this with our crowd based community support and you have yourself a resource you won’t be able to live without.

The Vault makes it easy to purchase expendables and sound accessories based off of the products you have interest in. Click on the Amazon tab to see VM Store items related to the specific gear you want. The Amazon tab works as a community based recommendation for specific products.



VM is the single greatest asset for a location sound mixer of any caliber. You can never afford to stop learning.


-Tyler Faison

Production Sound Mixer



Add Vault items items to your locker and you instantly have access to them whenever you click it open. We recommend putting all gear that you own in your locker to have instant access to instructional videos, manuals, firmware updates, and all other Vault benefits.

Not only does the Video Mantis Locker give you quicker access to the gear you love, it also enrolls you  into the sub-communities created for each piece of gear on our site. Simply place any product in your Locker and then the Questions and Community Forum will be available for you to participate in for that item. Think of this a Social Media Based Support System; separate for every product in our field, yet under the same roof.

Video Mantis gives the consumer the tools to decide what the user needs. It gives them the power to learn, the power to decide.



-Frank Zaragoza

Sound Utility Technician


Here at Video Mantis, we LOVE all questions, regardless of their complexity. Our purpose is to work together as a worldwide community, creating a production social media based support system.

Posting questions in the Video Mantis forums for all gear is available to all members until the device has been favorited to 50 lockers. Then, the ability to ask a question is exclusive to VM Pro Members. Never fear, browsing the forums for comments, questions, and answers you have interest in is free for all members, although we encourage your social involvement! Since Video Mantis pools all questions specific to each product in its own sub-community, it makes it easier to navigate and get the answers you need faster.

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